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Living Dangerously?

I picked up a hitchhiker today.

I never EVER pick up hitchhikers (I'm a single woman after all--you can't be too careful these days)--and I always, ALWAYS feel guilty.

But this time....Her poor little hand was so red and she looked ready to cry. And it was freezing (literally) outside. And she was wearing a sweatshirt--no coat. So I turned around (after stopping and cleaning out the front seat--I'm SUCH a slob) and pulled over to pick her up (even a police car passed and didn't stop to help her). She was so thin and frail--and only fifteen. I shudder to think what MIGHT have happened to her. Luckily I was sort of going in the same direction that she was headed, so I drove her a half hour up the road and dropped her off at the Cascade Mall (it wasn't all that far out of my way).

We had a nice chat--her situation doesn't sound very good, but she seems to be handling it with a little grace. She liked Moe and Moe appeared to like her. Before I let her out at the mall, I asked if I could pray for her and she said yes. So I said a quick prayer and she gave me a hug and hopped out of the car.

I feel...anxious, I guess. I'm worried about what will happen to her; I'm afraid she might have been spinning me a line (but it didn't SEEM like it); I'm concerned--I hope I helped her and didn't enable her. Regardless, I'll keep her in my prayers....
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