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Learning through living

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18th July 2008

5:51pm: Honoring Deejay435 by "borrowing" a quiz....
You paid attention during 100% of high school!

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27th June 2008

5:45pm: Pilfered from godzchild

Your result for The Commonly Confused Words Test...

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5th March 2008

7:38pm: Uh...

My score on The Deep and Meaningful Winnie-The-Pooh Character Test:


(You scored 11 Ego, 18 Anxiety, and 12 Agency!)


"It's a little Anxious," he said to himself, "to be a
Very Small Animal Entirely Surrounded by Water. Christopher
Robin and Pooh could escape by Climbing Trees, and Kanga could
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Owl could escape by Flying, and Eeyore could escape by -- by
Making a Loud Noise Until Rescued, and here am I, surrounded by
water and I can't do anything."
You scored as Piglet!
ABOUT PIGLET: Piglet is a Very Small Animal, who used to live in his own house, a nice big tree. However, after Owl's house was blown over by a storm, he "found" Piglet's house, and Piglet didn't want to tell him that the home was already lived in. So he went to live with Pooh.
WHAT THIS SAYS ABOUT YOU: You are a rather nervous person, and you tend to worry about The Worst happening. You don't really feel capable of dealing with the things that life could throw at you, and so you tend to fret about it. You are one of those people who seems to think that worrying actually accomplishes something... and your friends can't help but love you for it. Your humble manner and self-deprecating ways make your friends feel good about themselves. They want to help and protect you.
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25th February 2008

3:05pm: What Flower Are You?

I am an

What Flower
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"You are a very sensual person. You like to experience all the sights, smells, tastes and textures the world has to offer. Ordinary be damned, because you want to do it all."
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3rd February 2008

5:15pm: I Won!
Woohoo! I won third place in the Polymer Clay Centeral January 2008 challenge. I hoped to place, but I didn't really think I would so I am VERY pleased!


I won a $50.00 store credit at The Clay Station--hmmm...what to choose?
Current Mood: accomplished

1st February 2008

6:21pm: I have no idea if I did good or bad....
Current Mood: okay

18th December 2007

10:43pm: Swiped from The Anchoress's blog....
You Should Have a Purple Christmas Tree

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17th December 2007

7:45pm: linked from a link on ccgig's livejournal
On the twelfth day of Christmas, warmbeachbrat sent to me...
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...and a vietnam in a serendipity.
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6:25pm: What have I done?
Swiped from the Colossus of Rhodey blog:

What have I done?

Bold the ones you've done:

the listCollapse )
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12th December 2007

9:53pm: Dreams are funny things....
I've been having weird dreams over the past few months (what else is new?). The dreams are never the same, but there is a recurring theme that has me a bit unsettled. Or discombobulated. Or a trifle depressed. Or maybe all of the above. There's always a guy. Never the same guy and I couldn't tell you what any of them looked like. I guess that's part of the dream. And he's always...interested. At first anyway. There is a certain amount of physicality--holding hands, putting his arm around me; once I even remember being kissed. But then...nothing. The interest dies the guy leaves and I remain...frustrated? Let down? Rejected? Yes, all of those. I wake up and I'm restless for most of the day. And the dreams seem to stick with me for a while--or at least the mood of the dream does. I don't like it and it's not very helpful for me right now. The dreams aren't nightmares, of course. But when I wake up I do feel a little tortured. Or emotionally battered.

Now if I were in a psychoanalyzing mood (or just plain psycho?), I'd say that my subconscious was trying to let me know that I'm unhappy being single--especially at my age. But--I'm not really. It's nice to be able to do what I want, when I want, however I want--without checking in with someone or running it by someone or worrying about what someone might think. If I want that piece of Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake, well then...YUM! If I want to buy that Lego Auto Chassis...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

...that cost $90, well, I will (even if it did burn up in the fire :( ). And if I want to drive four hours to the ocean, I'll do that, too. And if I decide a trip down the Oregon Coast is just the thing to satisfy a little wanderlust, that's fair game also. I don't have to let anyone know. I don't have anyone to tell me I can't.

Of course, that's not necessarily a good thing. With no check on my behavior, I can become as eccentric as possible. I can blow my budget, develop even worse habits than I already have, and become something of a hermit. Although--with my faith and with the friends and relatives that I have, I'm not going to go off the deep end any time soon.

But...I was talking to my daughter the other day. I don't know quite how it came up, but I said that I didn't feel that I was worth any guy. And I realized that I've been pretty damaged by the past few relationships that I've had. No relationship, no pain has been my mode of operation for the past decade and a half. Most of the time, I don't care--it's far easier being on my own. Plus, I don't like to give up control, not even a little. Or lay myself open for a boatload of hurt. But, if I'm honest, it does sting a little (okay--a lot!). I guess it's just something I have to come to terms with now and again. Hopefully, the dreams will die down, and I won't feel so...whatever it is I feel.

Oh well--enough whining for now....
Current Mood: pensive

29th November 2007

7:32pm: NOT a big surprise....

NerdTests.com User Test: The Trekkie Test.
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10th September 2007

9:26pm: Madeline L'Engle has died. This saddens me more than a little bit. She wrote my favorite book, "A Wrinkle in Time". I can't tell you how many people I've recommended the book to, how many people I've given a copy to, how many copies I've owned myself over the years. I even gave a copy to my professor at Bible College. If I remember right, we were studying the book of Acts (although, it could have been Theo III--my poor, lamentable memory!) and he was talking about free will. There's a perfect section smack in the middle of the book that captures just how I would try to explain it. Who'd a thunk? Philosophy/Theology in the middle of a young adult sci-fi novel (written in the 60's)--it's truly worthy of the Newberry award that it won.
Current Mood: pensive

8th September 2007

6:24pm: Crafty
*UPDATE* Sorry--I had to tweak my photobucket. It's been a while and I forgot how to use it. That's sort of why I'm trying out this post here rather than somewhere else....

I sort of dabble a bit in polymer clay (brand names: Fimo, Premo, KatoClay, etc.). I was going to post a few things I've done, but I thought I'd put up a series of pictures from start to finish to show how I make the particular things I make (polymer clay quilt jewelry). So without further ado:

VERY long, detailed stuff, including numerous picsCollapse )
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31st August 2007

5:31pm: Back to my thieving ways....(sorry, majorsamfan!)

NerdTests.com says I'm a Cool High Nerd.  What are you?  Click here!
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30th August 2007

12:18pm: I'm not surprised....
What Your Dreams Mean...

Your dreams seem to show that you're a bit disturbed... but nothing serious.

You may have a problem you're trying to work out in your sleep.

Your dreams tend to reflect your insecurities.

You have a very vivid imagination and a rich creative mind.

You secretly want to hide your dreams from your waking mind.
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21st August 2007

7:54pm: Update....
It's been so long since I've posted that I can't remember everything that's happened over the last few months. But I'll take stab at updating (thanks to a nudge from droops--THANKS, droops!). Let's see--I moved back to Washington in October, arriving on my grandson's second birthday. I applied for my credentials, moved in with my mom, and started to look for work. Had to give up my kitties, found three part time jobs (two bookkeeping, one cleaning cat cages at a no-kill cat shelter), wound up staying far too long at my mom's (poor mom; poor stepdad!).

Took grueling test in January for my credentials (three hours). Still no luck finding a place--no one wants dogs.... Started reconnecting with Washington (the places, not the people--I'm having trouble with that, I'm afraid). Pictures to come....

Passed my credentials exam with a 97% (it was open book--I'm wondering what I missed....); interviewed with credentials panel in February--they'll recommend approval (YAY!!!). More hiking, more loving Washingon.

March--spring starting in Washington (for the first time in five years for me!). Watching my grandson grow. Making friends with some of the cats at the shelter. Pictures to come....

April--I get the news: I'm a credentialed minister!!! Five years in the works, and I've made the next step! Now what?! Go to NW Council (our annual district meeting) and have a great and an interesting time. So weird! I'm a minister! And the pastor asked me to preach the last Sunday night in April (picture Opus looking worried, and you'll get a sense of my nervousness). Long story short--sermon went well....

May--Pastor has me starting a new Bible Study group. MUCH trembling and trepidations! About as difficult as I feared....

June--Spring and Summer in Washington. Truly, Washington IS the most beautiful state in the country! I get a call from my cousin's daughter--will I marry her on July 4th? *Gulp!* What?! Um--sure? I haven't even been a minister two full months! Found an apartment (providential--another long story).

The wedding goes pretty well--about ten minutes long (which was all she wanted). Then the next day...um, I forgot to sign the official copy! D'oh!! Lucky for me they were very understanding. I ran around getting everyone's signature--and I signed their copy. But I forgot to sign the official one. *sigh* I suppose that's one mistake I'll never make again--lucky for me it was a relative who knew it was my first wedding.

Hmm--that brings us to August. I'm in my new apartment--my landlords are great (they go to my church). It's a two-bedroom apartment (plus a loft) attached to their garage (which is a couple of hundred feet away from their house). They live on five acres and have, um, numerous animals (4 llamas, 2 alpacas, 2 exotic sheep, 2 dogs, etc.). The apartment is bigger than my house in Springfield and is very light and airy. Nice, good-sized, fenced yard for the Moe-dog. Now, if I can just find a good-paying job....

Anyway, that's a brief recap of what's been happening. More to come later....

Thanks for waiting!
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20th January 2007

11:46am: Filched from tjh102....
You know the Bible 100%!

Wow! You are awesome! You are a true Biblical scholar, not just a hearer but a personal reader! The books, the characters, the events, the verses - you know it all! You are fantastic!

Ultimate Bible Quiz
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14th January 2007

1:36pm: Living Dangerously?
I picked up a hitchhiker today.

I never EVER pick up hitchhikers (I'm a single woman after all--you can't be too careful these days)--and I always, ALWAYS feel guilty.

But this time....Her poor little hand was so red and she looked ready to cry. And it was freezing (literally) outside. And she was wearing a sweatshirt--no coat. So I turned around (after stopping and cleaning out the front seat--I'm SUCH a slob) and pulled over to pick her up (even a police car passed and didn't stop to help her). She was so thin and frail--and only fifteen. I shudder to think what MIGHT have happened to her. Luckily I was sort of going in the same direction that she was headed, so I drove her a half hour up the road and dropped her off at the Cascade Mall (it wasn't all that far out of my way).

We had a nice chat--her situation doesn't sound very good, but she seems to be handling it with a little grace. She liked Moe and Moe appeared to like her. Before I let her out at the mall, I asked if I could pray for her and she said yes. So I said a quick prayer and she gave me a hug and hopped out of the car.

I feel...anxious, I guess. I'm worried about what will happen to her; I'm afraid she might have been spinning me a line (but it didn't SEEM like it); I'm concerned--I hope I helped her and didn't enable her. Regardless, I'll keep her in my prayers....
Current Mood: anxious

26th December 2006

4:35pm: What I've been up to....
So, I moved back to Washington State and I'm still a bit in flux, but at least I have steady internet access, so I'm trying to get caught up. I'm staying at my mom's currently and will probably get my own place--perhaps in January or February. It makes for a long commute in the mean time. I have three part time jobs--two bookkeeping jobs and one job cleaning at a cat shelter. The bookkeeping jobs pay more than $10 an hour more than the cat shelter job, yet I impatiently wait all week for the cat shelter job. It's more wonderful than I can say to pet and interact with so many different, interesting little (and not so little) beasties. My favorite kitty, Nanna:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The three jobs don't quite add up to full time, so I've been using my spare time to reaquaint myself with Washington. I try to go hiking somewhere every Sunday after church. Man, this is a beautiful part of the world!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Oh! I took my credentialing exam and passed it with a 97%! Interviews are at the end of January and I should have my ministerial license by the end of February. How weird is that?!
Current Mood: contemplative

25th December 2006

5:44pm: Christmas happenings....
Phew! I finally have a few minutes to breathe! I've been working lots of hours this week and I spent the day yesterday with my daughter and her family. My son-in-law is the best--he had me in stitches all day. I think it was a total of three times that I laughed so hard I cried. And my grandson is just the cutest!

It seems like every time we get together, something crazy (or stupid--I admit it!) happens and I'm sure my son-in-law is storing up these incidents for when guys get together and talk about their in-laws. This time, I ran out of gas (luckily in front of their house--I hate, hate, HATE pumping gas and I always leave it til the last minute) and he had to ride his bike to the gas station to fill up my gas can (I may be an airhead, but I am prepared to some extent). Anyway, a fun day....

Today we went to my daughter's grandmother's house. I didn't get to see them last year, so it was nice to catch up on what's been happening. I had a nice time--which has me a little...unsettled. I'm remembering what I saw in my daughter's dad and I'm having to consciously remind myself of why we are so totally unsuitable for each other. Weird....

Derek ran around like a little house ape and was too adorable for words. And it was just hysterical how he was scared of his great-grandmother's little pug. He doesn't mind my big dog, but he ran away screaming from a dog smaller than most cats. I love him so much. Hee! He loves my dog more than me--whenever I come in the apartment, "Puppy! Puppy". He's so crestfallen when it's just me, without Moe. I figure he'll warm to me eventually.

Well, I've got to go to bed--I have to be at work at 7:00 a.m. We're going to try to get eight hours worth of work done in five so we can have most of Christmas off. Did I say that I fall in love with a new kitty every time I go to work? I suppose it's a good thing I can't take them home with me--I'd have a couple of dozen by now....

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone, and God Bless!!!
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18th December 2006

10:44pm: Comment and I'll give you a letter. Then you have to list 10 things you love that begin with that letter on your LiveJournal – and give out some letters of your own.

Adrianne_P gave me 'B'. Here goes:

1. Books (can I just put that ten times?)
2. Bible verses
3. Brownies (mmm--chocolate)
4. Beautiful British Columbia (not quite as beautiful as Washington--but close!)
5. Beads
6. Bibelots (look it up!)
7. Bosom Buddies (What? You haven't read Anne of Green Gables?)
8. Bridges (Deception Pass bridge is particularly fine: http://www.visitwhidbey.com/camp-grounds/pics/bridge.jpg)
9. Blackshear, Thomas (stunningly beautiful art: http://www.thecollectionshop.com/xq/ASP/Ebony_Visions_Art_and_Prints_by_Thomas_Blackshear/select.53/qx/Ebony_Visions_Category_Listing.htm)
10: Bev Doolittle (another artist I like: http://www.framestopart.com/page.asp?p=6190)

Phew, Adrianne--that was difficult!
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12th November 2006

10:25pm: I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, honest!
Sorry it's been so very long since I've posted. I spent most of September packing (and packing and packing) and I moved the first week of October--from Missouri to Washington State. I've been sort of settling in (staying with my folks until I can afford to get my own place) and trying to find work (I now have three part time jobs for a total of 28 hours a week). I take my credentialing exam tomorrow and hopefully will have my own place by December. Also hopefully, posting will resume shortly. If not, well, I miss you all and I think about you all the time; I'll be back--sooner rather than later!

God Bless!
Current Mood: ditzy

18th September 2006

10:54pm: H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y to alliesings! Have a great one and God Bless!!!
Current Mood: bouncy

11th September 2006

3:32pm: The Little Girl Giant
This is an amazing video:


here's a link to a gallery of photos of "The Sultan's Elephant" (a show by Royal de Luxe in Europe):


How I wish I could have been there....
Current Mood: enthralled
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